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  • Increase Ancillary Revenue by 10%
  • Improve Sales Efficiency
  • Improve Catering Efficiency
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Increase Ancillary Revenue

Cross Sell on Free Mobile App for Events

GroupRevMax has a free mobile app for events that take place at subscribed hotels, enabling event organizers to have schedules and information available to attendees. In addition to being a competitive advantage, this app also offers displays targeted cross sell offers to attendees, thereby increasing overall revenue from attendees.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Auto-Generated Events

GroupRevMax auto-generates events using information from the contract, eliminating the need to manually enter information once entered. This not only makes sales teams more efficient, but it eliminates data entry errors usually caused by copying information from contracts into events.

Packaged Menus

Packaged menus enable hotels to create pre-packaged menus that sales can then use while selling, making it more efficient to enter menus for events. At the time of adding the package, preset items are automatically loaded and choice items can be selected by sales team members in consultation with customers.

Meeting Packages

In addition to packaging menus, GroupRevMax also allows hotels to offer pre-packaged meetings at delegate rates, enabling an another way to sell meeting space with F&B and other extras, all the time ensuring that revenue & profit goals are met.

Access from Any Device

GroupRevMax is fully mobile optimized and sales teams can do everything including creating and editing event information while on the go.

Improve Catering Efficiency

Generate Banquet Event Orders

GroupRevMax generates banquet event orders automatically from information entered by sales, making sure banquet teams always have the latest information required to prepare for events.

Generate & Send Banquet Checks

Banquet Checks can also be generated from GroupRevMax and sent to customers from the system itself, further increasing efficiency of banquet teams.

Flexible Templates

All customer facing artefacts can be customized to be personalized not only to hotel branding, but also with information specific to each customer automatically.

Access from Any Device

All catering functionality is optimized for mobile, enabling banquet teams to look up details while at the event and get notified if anything changes.

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