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  • Increase Conversion by 10%
  • Increase Revenue By 5%
  • Increase Profit by 10%
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Increase Group Conversion

Lightning Fast Responses to RFPs

GroupRevMax automates lead import, pricing and proposals to enable sales to send proposals in minutes instead of hours and days significantly improving conversion. A Harvard study concluded that prospects that receive responses within the first hour are 7 times more likely to have conversations.

Immersive e-Proposals

Imagine if you could build a custom website for each proposal complete with videos and walkthroughs of the exact spaces and rooms allotted to a group. GroupRevMax enables sales teams to do all of that automatically and improve conversions by giving prospects a highly immersive experience of your hotel.

Quick Closure with Electronic Signature of Contracts

Close deals quickly by enabling your customers to sign contracts online from wherever they are on whatever device they have instead of having to print, sign and scan from the office.

Increase Group Revenue

End to End Automation Increases Sales Pipeline

GroupRevMax enables sales teams to send proposals to web leads in as little as 2 minutes by automating all the tasks from lead import to proposal, enabling them to send offers to many more leads and leaves them more time for proactive sales, increasing overall sales.

Dynamic Meeting Room Revenue Management

Realize more revenue from meeting rooms with dynamic season and occupancy based revenue management of meeting space akin to guest room revenue management.

Maximize Total Revenue

GroupRevMax helps sales teams maximize overall revenue by considering total revenue of each group in pricing decisions and varies guest room, meeting room and F&B pricing to meet total revenue targets, eliminating departmental silos and increasing overall revenue.

Consider Future Sales

Every sale impacts the future ability of the hotels to sell to groups either positively or negatively. GroupRevMax evaluates groups in the context of future sales and warns against sales that leave too much space or too many rooms vacant impacting the ability of the hotels to sell to groups that need both.

Increase Net Profit

Factor Costs into Pricing

GroupRevMax prices group leads based of total profit of business, factoring in costs like commissions & concessions, and breaks down revenue silos of rooms and catering to achieve maximum total net profit.

Enforce Minimum Profit for Meeting Rooms

Meeting room profitability is often not easily calculated due to the varying profitability of aspects like F&B, A/V, and rental. GroupRevMax enables hotels to enforce a minimum profit across all the components, making it easy to sell for profit.

Advanced Reporting & Alerts

GroupRevMax email alerts and advanced reports enable all stakeholders to be on top of group business and make decisions fast based on changing market conditions, further increasing profitability.

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