Meeting Booker

GroupRevMax generates a custom website for each group block for individuals that are part of the group to make reservations and generates additional revenue through upsells and cross sells

Make Individual Reservations

A unique link is generated for every block that is booked using GroupRevMax either online or through the Sales System.Organizers can forward the link to individual attendees to make their reservations and enter personal details. In case of master-pay accounts, customers simply enter personal information and in case of individual pay accounts, they provide a credit card.


  • Save time spent by reservation agents taking phone bookings for group attendees or loading rooming lists. (If you do get rooming lists, we handle that too. See here)

Increase Revenue

GroupRevMax offers upsells and cross sells to individuals that book on the custom reservation website to increase revenue. Event attendees are offered shoulder night upsells and room type upsells to increase rooms revenue. Hotels can also offer their own or third party cross sells in the form of restaurant/bar vouchers, spa vouchers or activity vouchers.


  • An increase in length of stays (LOS) of 30% was seen in in transient segment when offering shoulder night upsells. A similar benefit is expected in group segment if not more.
  • 20% increase in ancillary revenue from groups is estimated from cross selling to groups. Group attendee surveys consistently find that group attendees have a social agenda and also would like to mix business with pleasure.

Setup & Integration

GroupRevMax can integrate with PMSs that adhere to HTNG standards, which most major PMS systems do. Once integrated, all bookings go direct to your PMS. Further, the page itself can be customized for look and feel to match the hotel or brand website.


  • Eliminate manual entry of group bookings into PMS
  • Avoid CRS costs by interfacing directly to PMS instead of through your central reservation system