Revenue & Sales

GroupRevMax automatically consolidates, scores, and assigns RFPs from a myriad of sources and makes lead management a breeze.

Consolidate Leads

Many hotel sales teams are suffering from RFP overload due to a myriad of web sources that send leads to hotels. Managing the leads and the status of response on each of these websites and making sure profitable leads are not missed sometimes requires a full time person. Not anymore – GroupRevMax consolidates status from lead sources and displays it in a user friendly format in one place and allows sales to manage their leads from a single location.


  • Save time spent visiting various website extranets to find leads and log into one portal for all leads
  • Save time spent entering lead information into excel sheets or emails for pricing and revenue meetings since all leads data is automatically imported and can be viewed from a single list

Score Leads

All leads are not created equal and some are a much better fit that others at any given time. GroupRevMax scores each lead on the following criteria to and assigns a value to each lead so sales can follow the best leads first.

  • Profitability
  • Occupancy
  • Ratio of Rooms to Meeting Space
  • Lead Time
  • Lead Size
  • Budget
  • Star Rating Requests
  • Customer History


  • Achieve highest speed to market for the leads that are best suited to the property, causing higher conversion rates of better suited business

Assign Leads

Once leads are consolidated and scored, GroupRevMax automatically assigns leads based on various criteria to the right sales manager.


  • Save time wasted on looking at leads that are not a specific sales person’s expertise
  • Centralize and manage lead assignment based on sales experience and segment goals