Revenue & Sales

GroupRevMax automates group pricing for sales with a focus on total revenue of the business and breaks the silos of guest room & catering sales goals.

Factor Costs

GroupRevMax recognizes that costs like commissions and concessions are different for each group, so a single price per day is not the most profitable. Hence GroupRevMax evaluates each group for the costs associated with it and produces a price that maintains the expected profitability.

Consider Total Revenue

GroupRevMax breaks the silos of rooms revenue and catering revenue that were separately evaluated with the result that business that made good total revenue was either turned away or could only be evaluated in meetings. It evaluates total revenue and allows rules to be set in the system to enable revenue from one source to cover for the other.

Encourage Balanced Business

GroupRevMax automatically warns sales teams when a business requires a ratio of guest rooms to meeting space that will leave the hotel with too little rooms or space to match the other.


Sales teams can be allowed pre-determined variance from the pricing suggested by the system. Quotes that go below the allowed variance kick off an override workflow that can require a supervisor to sign off by overriding.

Setup & Integration

GroupRevMax can integrate with most PMS systems to get occupancy and base rates to use in pricing decisions. Further, it has a rules engine that allows revenue teams to set their own rules as to what should lower or increase group pricing discounts.