Revenue & Sales

GroupRevMax enables hotels to modernize their proposal and contract process through automatic generation of proposals as pdf or a micro website and support of e-signature on contracts

Proposal Automation

Hotels now have the choice of sending proposals as pdf or as a micro website complete with videos, walk-throughs and pictures. Either way, GroupRevMax generates it automatically from the data imported from lead sites (or entered manually if phone-in lead) and price it generates. Sales teams have to enter almost no data to send proposals.


  • Videos and walkthroughs create an immersive experience invoking emotions that improve conversion
  • Save time spent on modifying proposal templates to create new proposals

Contract Automation & E-Signature

Gone are the days of printing a contract to sign it. Everyone knows and uses e-signatures now, so don’t be left behind and sign contracts electronically. Whether you choose e-sign or not, contracts are automatically generated from templates with no data entry required.


  • E-Signatures are proven to reduce contract turnaround time enabling hotels to make revenue decisions faster
  • Create perception of technology savvy in your customers’ minds

Setup & Integration

GroupRevMax allows hotels to create and maintain as many different templates as they need allowing sales leaders to standardize where needed and customize when necessary. Our easy to use template creator supports almost anything you can think of.