A Booking Engine for Meeting Rooms & Groups

  • Discourage Comparison Shopping by Enabling Instant Bookings for Small Meetings
  • Reduce Commissions by Enabling Convenient Direct Booking Process for Meetings
  • Reduce Sales Work Load by Enabling Online Acceptance of Contract Terms
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Increase Revenue & Profit

Online Meeting Booking On Hotel Websites

Enable customers to book complete meetings including guest rooms (bedrooms), meeting space, food & beverage, audio visual equipment, and other extras on your website to increase direct bookings and eliminate third party commissions and improve net profit.

One-Click Rebooking

Efficient one-click rebooking facility persuades customers to book similar meetings on your website instead of shopping around increasing repeat customers.

Smart Discount Offers

Improve Revenue by offering discounts automatically on low occupancy dates to customers booking close to the need dates.

Upsell & Cross Sell to Planners & Attendees

Offer upsells & cross sells while booking the block and on the auto-generated individual reservation site when individuals book rooms in the block and increase revenue per attendee.

Improve Efficiency

Accept Terms & Conditions Online

Proposals and Contracts take up significant time from your sales team. GroupRevMax displays terms and conditions online based on a template to eliminate the need for contracts while protecting the hotel legally.

Enable Self-Service

Enable self-service modification and cancellation of bookings to eliminate calls to sales. Further increase efficiency by enabling self-service menu selection of customizable packages to eliminate need for catering team to call out to customers.

Auto Interface Individual Reservations to PMS

GroupRevMax generates a website for individual bookings into the block and the bookings go direct to the PMS eliminating the need for your reservations team to enter guest information into PMS manually.

Built-In Flexibility

Maintain Branding

Infinitely customizable website enables hotels to maintain branding throughout the customer journey of booking the block and making individual reservations.

Highly Customizable Inventory, Pricing & Feature Set

GroupRevMax lets hotels customize inventory based on rules or specific selection of what’s available online. Pricing and discounts are also customizable with rules. Further, the functionality available to customers is also based on hotels’ choice. In short, hotels can decide what to sell when for how much without it being a daily chore.

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